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A message from Sean: 

To the Parents of ONE&ALL Youth,

It is with both joy and sadness I share with you that I have resigned as Lead Youth Pastor of ONE&ALL Church. Over the last couple of months, Anna and I have spent much time in deep prayer and reflection over this decision. After speaking with our mentors and family, we feel God is calling us to serve at Flatirons Community Church in Denver, Colorado.

The last 4 and a half years at ONE&ALL have been rewarding and there are many people who have supported, encouraged and loved both Anna and I along the way. This decision has been bittersweet as we look forward to new opportunities, but have to say goodbye to many of you who we love.

I will be saying goodbye to ONE&ALL Youth on February 2 at ONE NIGHT and on March 1, I begin my new position as Lead Student Pastor at Flatirons Community Church in Denver, Colorado.

I truly believe the best is yet to come for ONE&ALL Youth!

Sean Lord

A message from Rory:

We are thankful for the years Sean has been a part of ONE&ALL Youth. He has been an incredible leader & instrumental in the growth of the ministry. Both he and Anna will be greatly missed by all of us. Please join us in praying for Sean, Anna and the work they will be doing at Flatirons Church in reaching the next generation. 

I will be stepping in as the Interim Team Lead over ONE&ALL Youth. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to myself, Sean, Joseph, Byron or Suzanne.

We look forward to seeing your students at our next ONE NIGHT on February 2nd! 

-Rory | 909.592.2282 | [email protected]

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