This Week At ONE&ALL

NEXT STEPS "ONE&ALL Week" Follow-up


We hope you enjoyed ONE&ALL Week at Next Steps! It was so good to see new connections being formed around your tables. What great people God is drawing together at this time in our lives! 

If you have made a decision to follow Christ, but haven't been baptized, you can register to be baptized below.


Answering the suggested video questions at the end of chapter one of your book are part of what’s made ONE&ALL the great place it currently is. How do we get better? It’s via your participation. Whether you are fully devoted to Christ, or you are uncertain if God even exists, we want to be a place where you are welcomed and belong. 

We hope you found ONE&ALL Week informative, and if there are any further questions about our VALUES AND BELIEFS please go ahead and check those out!

To understand our church and the upcoming session (re One Life week) of Next Steps even better, we suggest watching the following videos and adding your responses to questions at the end of chapter one:

ONE&ALL Generosity


A digital version of this week's handout is available for download below if a PDF version is more convenient for you.

We’re looking forward to our next week together,
The Next Steps Team

PS - We really hope you don’t lose the momentum of going through these steps consecutively. But if for any reason you cannot attend Next Steps this weekend, remember that you can make up the One Life Week on the second weekend of any month except December. | 909.592.2282 | [email protected]