Make A Difference

Local Outreach


Make a Difference

Bringing the hope of Jesus to our community

We aspire to be a city on a hill so that we can bring those who are far from God, near to God. We do this by serving our community. Hope can be shared when we meet the needs of at-risk families and partner with our community through service projects. As the church we love the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

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Local Outreach

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Local Outreach

Toy Store and Thanksgiving Outreach

Would you or a family you know benefit from being recipients at our Thanksgiving or Toy Store events?

Make A Difference

During this season we are serving with our local partners to meet the needs of our community. Get involved by donating or simply helping a neighbor in need.

God's Pantry

We are excited to partner with God’s Pantry. They have been distributing free groceries to families in surrounding cities for many years. During this season, they are only distributing free groceries from the parking lot at their Care Center in Pomona. You can sign up to serve or for an appointment to pick up free groceries on their website.

Compassion network

Need a hand? Compassion Network ministry is focused on building relationships in the church and local community by meeting people at their need.


Kaleidoscope changes the lives of local at-risk children through school based enrichment, tutoring and mentoring programs. This allows us to empower and inspire the next generation one child at a time.

Benevolent Care

It is not shameful to be in need. The loss of a job, an injury, death in the family, or accident can all lead to unforeseen hardship. Our benevolence ministry cares about what you are going through and is dedicated to providing assistance whenever possible for your physical and spiritual needs.

Favor de notar: Les pedimos a los solicitantes que hablan Español a traer un intérprete a las entrevistas planificadas.

Coming up for Local Outreach

Upcoming Events

Shoe Drive for Central India Christia...

Weekdays at 7:30 am
Next: 10.22.20
Rancho Cucamonga Campus
More Info

God's Pantry Food Distribution

The 4th Saturday of every month at 8:00 am
Next: 10.24.20
West Covina Campus
More Info

God's Pantry Food Distribution

Wednesdays at 1:30 pm
Next: 10.28.20
All Campuses
More Info

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Lead Outreach Pastor

Audrey Ceballos

Administrative Coordinator

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