Acts of Love Ideas

  • Mow or weed for an elderly neighbor
  • Pick up groceries or run errands for someone who is sick or immune compromised
  • Buy someone's drink in the Starbucks line
  • Have a "free" lemonade stand or offer pre-packaged snacks and bottles of water to your neighbors as they walk past
  • Write someone a letter thanking them for being a part of your life
  • Create and deliver Hygiene or Homeless kits
  • Send flowers to a nursing or retirement home to brighten their day
  • Go for a walk and pick up trash in your neighborhood
  • Write a thank you note for your mail carrier

Inspire Others to Serve

Share your photos on social media! Post a pic and share a story using our #oneandallserve hashtag. We will share the photos in a video or photo compilation that shows the impact we can all have together by showing acts of love to people.

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