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We offer rounds of community in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, and have groups that meet online, in-person and a hybrid of both.

Registration for Adult community groups is now open for the Spring season. Spring Groups will be starting the week of April 7th.  Email the leader if you have any questions or jump in if you see one you like.  They fill up fast!

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By doing life together you and your community group can help each other to grow closer to God.

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  • Level 1: These groups are "affinitive" in nature. Participants gather based on a common interest. A lower level of commitment, accountability, and spiritual depth is experienced in Level 1 groups. Scripture is presented, generally as a devotional, and no personal study is required.
  • Level 2:These groups are usually more topical in nature. They require a standard level of commitment with some weekday personal study required. Level 2 groups are mainly for spiritual growth through Biblical knowledge. A lower expectation for transparency and accountability are acceptable for level two groups.
  • Level 3: These groups are all about discipleship and growing together. Participants study and apply scripture to their lives through personal daily study and through community group relationships that offer accountability through commitment and transparency. Level 3 groups generally "do life" together.