Leadership Course

ONE&ALL Leadership Course

ONE&ALL Leadership Course is a youth camp designed to empower young leaders and train them to excel in life. This course has been running in Australia for over 40 years and in that time it has transformed the lives of many young people. The course takes youth on an epic adventure that will show them that they have what it takes to strong effective men and women. The course runs over four years with escalating challenges and discoveries that culminate in each participant presenting a life mission statement. There is a whole lot of fun and friendship along the way as participants experience, Jesus, Encounter, Transformation and Relationship. They will succeed in challenges they never thought possible and discover strengths they never knew they had. God has designed everyone to be a leader who has capacity to change the world around them and this course will unlock that capacity in you. 

Your child needs to be 13,14, or 15 in June 2022 to be eligible.

Boys Course:
June 11th 2022 - June 17th 2022

Girls Course:
June 18th 2022 - June 24th 2022

Cost: $550

Highlights From Past Years