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Love In Action

Hey guys! Love In Action is here!

Our world is broken. We cannot deny the darkness in the world that is taking place right now. From financial issues, health scares, war and the lack of respect for human life. A similar thing was happening in the days of Isaiah. In chapter 59 God was displeased He could not find any one to intervene. But we want to be like Isaiah who said “Here I am Lord. Send me!” 

At ONE&ALL we believe we are God’s Plan A to bring hope to the world! Jesus said You are the Light of the World, A City on a Hill that cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14. This month we take on our broken world by bringing hope. Join us for Love In Action as we serve our community in a variety of different projects surrounding each church campus.

- Michael Kisaka
Lead Outreach Pastor


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Serve Week (July 23rd - July 31st)

Serve Week (July&nbsp23rd -&nbspJuly&nbsp31st)

Join us as we flood our communities with compassion by meeting tangible needs with local partners.

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