Love In Action

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Love In Action

July 5th - August 8th

Love is an action word. This is a season for serving, meeting the needs of people and putting love into action. 

One thing we can agree on is the world needs more kindness and people serving one another. Join us as we put action to our words through love, serving and kindness.

We may not be able to solve all of the world's problems, but "we can do for one what we wish we could do for everyone." - Andy Stanley

School Supply Donation (July 5th - 19th)

School Supply Donation (July&nbsp5th -&nbsp19th)

Due to the pandemic school will look a little different for our students this fall. You can help make a difference for students by providing much needed school supplies. ONE&ALL Church will be providing supply kits to our local schools through our Kaleidoscope ministry. All items can be dropped off at the San Dimas or Rancho Cucamonga Campus. 

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Baby Care Kit Donation (July 20th - 31st)

Baby Care Kit Donation (July&nbsp20th -&nbsp31st)

We will be partnering with Convoy of Hope to collect items needed for baby care kits. All items can be dropped off at  San Dimas or Rancho Cucamonga Campus. They can also be ordered and delivered to the San Dimas Campus.

All collected items will later be packed into baby care kits and given to Convoy for Hope who will distribute the kits across the US and around the world to those who are in need of baby supplies. 

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Acts of Love (August 1st - 8th)

Acts of Love (August&nbsp1st -&nbsp8th)

Reach out to people in your very own community and bless them by serving them or showing kindness (groceries, yardwork, etc). Post a pic and share a story using our #oneandallserve hashtag.

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