3 Truths to Know Before You Marry Your Partner

Three Marriage Truths

Truth One: Marriage must be approached as a covenant with a friend and a lover.

Truth Two: Marriage is Gospel Re-enactment.

Truth Three: Marriage is ministry.

How will your marriage survive?

1. By allowing the marriage to make you like Jesus: I will be the spouse I should be, regardless.

2. Posture of Sacrifice: I will serve rather than demand to be served.

3. Posture of Generosity: I will be generous with my time, my words, and my actions even when I feel the other person does not deserve it.

How do you create a healthy marriage?

1. Marry someone who is going on the same journey: Resist an unequal yoke-ness.

2. Enter the marriage with a passion for Christ-conformityAllow the struggles of marriage to make you like Jesus.

3. Take the Spirit of Arranged marriages into your relationship—especially your relationship with God: In arranged marriages the idea is that I have been given this spouse. He/she is the raw material with which I have been blessed.


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