Changed People, Change People

Devotional Thought:

In this life, we often find ourselves captivated by stories of transformation—those incredible narratives where an individual transcends their past to impact the world meaningfully. The idea that 'changed people change people' isn't merely a nice sentiment; it encapsulates a profound spiritual truth that echoes throughout Scripture and across human history. As Pastor Rory eloquently shared, this idea isn't just about historical figures; it is about each of us. Our transformation begins with intentional spiritual disciplines: diving into Scripture and communing with God through prayer. It's in these sacred moments that our hearts and minds align with God's will, enabling us to grow and, in turn, influence the lives around us. It's a calling to shift from a posture of trying—to fix ourselves and others—to a journey of training, of becoming, by allowing God's word and Spirit to work within us. "For the word of God is alive and active," and it prompts us not just to listen, but to act, serve, give, and share the Gospel. As we take daily steps in reading the Bible and praying, we join a story much grander than our own, where God molds us to be instruments of His hope and love in a world that desperately needs change.


1. Pastor Rory emphasized the impact of reading the Bible and prayer as key to personal transformation. How can these practices shift our focus from self-effort to divine empowerment?

2. Reflecting on the stories of A.W. Milne, Amy Semple McPherson, Charles Spurgeon, and Paul, what similarities do you notice in their experiences with encountering Jesus? How does their transformation inspire you in your walk with God?

3. Have you ever experienced a season of merely "trying" in your spiritual life rather than "training"? What were the differences in your personal growth and impact on others between these two approaches?

4. Transformation often starts from within and then moves outward. Can you think of a time when a change in you led to a positive impact on those around you?

5. Discuss how the idea of "changed people change people" might alter our approach to community, service, and evangelism.

6. What are some practical ways you can incorporate the rhythms of reading Scripture and prayer into your daily life, especially when dealing with distractions and busyness?

7. Pastor Rory talked about speaking life over ourselves through God's word. Share a scripture that you hold onto, which speaks life into your circumstances.

8. "God did not come to be served, but to serve." How does serving others lead to personal growth and transformation? Share any experiences where serving impacted your faith journey.

9. How can embracing our identity in Christ–knowing we are chosen, justified, and empowered by the Holy Spirit–equip us to be agents of change in our community?

10. In what ways can recognizing the power of Scripture–as living and active–change how we approach the challenges and opportunities in our lives?

11. Discuss the idea that the journey of spiritual transformation is "ridiculously simple" yet incredibly profound. How does this tension play out in your spiritual discipline and discipleship?


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