Our Journey Home

Devotional Thought: 

The idea of a spiritual journey home is powerful. Our homes are where we feel safe, loved, and at peace. This sermon focuses on the idea that as we follow Jesus, we walk a path leading us toward our eternal home—heaven. While the concept of heaven is somewhat mysterious, this message gives us some important principles to apply along the way.

Pastor Delaney highlights three main aspects of this journey: the journey of faith, the journey of new things, and the journey of endurance. Faith isn't about what we can see but about our unwavering trust that God is leading us. As we walk this path, we constantly have the opportunity to embrace new life, new direction, and new priorities. These changes are what set us apart as Christ-followers. Finally, it's a journey that requires enduring strength. Faith doesn't mean the absence of trials. God strengthens us with the knowledge that every step brings us closer to our true home.


1. Pastor Delaney compared our physical bodies to temporary tents. How does this analogy illustrate the way we should view our time on earth?

2. Which aspect of this journey resonated most with you: faith, new things, or endurance? Can you share an example of one of these in your own life?

3. How do you view "faith not by sight"? Has there been a circumstance where you've had to exercise this type of faith?

4. Are you comfortable with the statement that as Christians, we should have a different worldview than those who don't know Jesus? Why or why not?

5. The sermon mentions seeking things with eternal value. What does that look like in your everyday life? Do you find this challenging?

6. Pastor Delaney concluded that the most important way we can "witness" is simply by living lives that reflect Christ. How easy or difficult is that for you? What might encourage you in this area?


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