Profound Certainty

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The core of our Christian faith hinges on an event that transcended the natural world and confounded human reason—the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In a world where hope seems in short supply, where pandemics, conflicts, and societal breakdowns loom heavy, it's the historical and verifiable truth of Christ's resurrection that offers an unshakable foundation for hope. But this hope goes beyond intellectual assent; it calls us into a transformative journey. It compels us to die to self, to let go of the idols of this world, and to embrace a life of faith and reliance on God. In a society where personal fulfillment and achievements are heralded as the ultimate goal, the message of the resurrection beckons us to a higher pursuit—to find our ultimate fulfillment and purpose in God alone. When we understand that in Christ's victory over death we too are victorious, we are freed to live a life beyond fear and anxiety, to live passionately for the eternal kingdom that awaits us—this is the extraordinary life the resurrected Christ invites us to. Remember, our momentary struggles pale in comparison to the unending hope and glory that is ours in Christ.


1. How does the historical and objective truth of the resurrection impact how you view contemporary crises and personal challenges?

2. In light of the sermon, what are some ways you might be trying to find hope in temporary or fleeting things of this world? How can you begin to shift your hope towards the eternal?

3. The sermon talked about the important evidence for the resurrection. Which piece of evidence do you find most compelling and why?

4. Can you share a time when you had to "die to self" in order to experience the life that Christ has called you to? What was the outcome of that experience?

5. Reflect on your current fears or anxieties. How does the reality of the resurrection equip you to face and overcome these emotions?

6. In what ways can you live out the hope of the resurrection in your day-to-day life, especially in difficult or uncertain times?

7. How does knowing that death is defeated change the way you approach decision-making, especially when it involves risk or sacrifice for the sake of Christ?

8. Discuss what "to know the power of His resurrection" (Philippians 3:10) means to you. How can you experience this power in a practical way in your life?

9. What steps can you take to die to the pursuits and passions of this life that are "killing you," as the sermon suggests, and live a life directed by God’s will?

10. Share how you can encourage someone this week with the message of hope found in the resurrection of Jesus.

11. What does it mean for you to live with the understanding that the ultimate redemption of all things is coming, and we are moving towards "an endless hope"?

12. In what practical ways can the church community support each other in living out the extraordinary life that trusts in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ?


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