The Church Age

Devotional Thought:

In the hustle and chaos of our lives, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pressures and challenges we face. It's in these moments that we can either float along with the current of culture or choose to swim upstream, holding fast to our convictions and the teachings of Christ. In Matthew 24, we are reminded of the steadfastness required of us as believers to endure against the ever-changing tides of the world. This chapter doesn't just point us to the signs of difficult times but also calls us to persevere with hope, not despair. Trials will come, false teachings will surface, but the promises of Jesus remain true and reliable. As we root ourselves in His word, we may find that the values of His coming kingdom are not just for the age to come but are meant to guide us now. Let us be vigilant, guarding our hearts and lives against the leaks of worldly influence, and endeavor to live a life marked by enduring faith. Let us remember that through every hardship and joy, it is the eternal peace of Christ we seek—a peace that sustains, fulfills, and leads us to live victoriously, even now.


1. Reflect on a time when culture seemed to conflict with your Christian values. How did you respond to that conflict?

2. What are some ways that false teachings infiltrate the church today, and how can we discern them from truth?

3. How does understanding the concept of enduring faith change the way you perceive challenges in your life?

4. Can you identify anything in your life that might be causing pressure, similar to the hole in the dam in the story of Hans? What steps can you take to address it?

5. Consider Jesus' warnings in Matthew 24 about staying alert and being ready for his return. How does this knowledge affect your daily life and decisions?

6. In enduring difficult times or persecution, what comforts and assurances does the Bible provide that can help us stand firm in our faith?

7. How does our Western worldview sometimes misinterpret the nature of a victorious Christian life, as seen through the lens of triumphalism?

8. How can we maintain hope and joy in the face of trials while also embracing the reality that suffering is a normal part of the Christian journey?

9. Discuss the statement: "The values of the age to come must prevail in the church now." How can we actively live out the values of God's kingdom in today's society?

10. Reflect on a moment in your life where you had to "watch your back" with regard to your spiritual well-being. What learning did you take away from that experience?

11. How does the picture of eschatological hope painted in Matthew 24 encourage you to stay true to your "first love" in Christ, especially in times of moral and spiritual decline?


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