The Return of the Goddesses

WARM-UP: What is the favorite car you have owned? Why?



1. What Scripture do you know that is relevant to this message from Jeff?


2. What is the “Jesus Movement” and how has it previously forced “false gods” to the fringes of society?


3. Baal/Ashtoreth/Ishtar/Aphrodite - How/why have these gods returned to America? How do they specifically manifest themselves?


4. How do you see men being emasculated today or women being defeminized?


5. What is sexual dysphoria?


6. What do you think about the controversy this week involving the Los Angeles Dodgers? How does this controversy fit into Jeff’s message?


7. Jeff made four points near the end of his message. Discuss the meaning:

  • The Church has to wake up.
  • The Church has to look up.
  • The Church has to lift up.


8. Where does Jeff say that America's hope rests? Why? What specific actions can you take to be a part of it?


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