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Compassion Network

Join our Compassion Network and receive weekly emails of serve opportunities in the local area. Background check required. Local to our physical campuses.

Type: Physical, Relational

Elderly Seniors Encouragement Cards or Gift Baskets

Write or make encouragement cards or give gift baskets to elderly seniors in your neighborhood or in a nearby senior elderly facility. Feel free to mail or drop off directly at the locations.

Type: Relational

First Responder Encouragement Cards or Gift Baskets

Write, make encouragement cards or gift baskets for local hospitals working with COVID patients, Fire Stations and Sheriff/Police Stations to thank them for their sacrifice in keeping our community safe. Feel free to mail or drop off directly at the locations.

Type: Relational

Homeless Kits

Make homeless kits with us by using the list we provide, put together kits on your own, with your family or community/rooted group. Keep the kits in your car and give out to homeless as you see them in your local community.

Type: Physical, Relational

Serve Your Circle

God has called us to serve like Jesus and what better way than to serve the people in your own circles. There may be a need in your neighborhood, at work, on the baseball field, classmates, karate teacher or coffee barista that you can help. This project is perfect to include your children as you serve in your spheres of influence! Sign Up Here to commit to serve your circle and let us know what you have decided to do and for whom! We would love to capture these stories to use them for future stories, promotion and encouragement!

Type: Physical, Relational
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