Request for a Life Coach

IMPORTANT: Life Coaching is for those who are in need of a place for feedback and to brainstorm solutions to their issues. Basically, it responds to people who are asking for help and encouragement in making some improvements with a non-crisis issue. This can include individual (present & future-focused) issues such as spiritual growth, career, relationships, self-assessment, setting life goals, and/or other minor* life issues. 

Please allow 10-14 calendar days for processing, after which you will hear back from someone on our Life Coaching Team. For more information please feel free to contact ONE&ALL Life Coach Coordinator, Gwen Weaver at [email protected]. Thank you!

*The benefit of coaching is to have a place for people to address issues before they lead to a crisis. If you are experiencing struggles related to past issues or traumas, our ONE&ALL Care Dept also offers affordable Professional Christian Counseling. For more information about our counseling services please feel free to contact Pastor Ron Hall at 951-255-2340 or [email protected].