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02.06.23 (O&A Youth)

Parent Questions - The Talk Week 1


  1. Sex is everywhere in culture and we want to be able to talk about it openly. How comfortable or uncomfortable do you feel talking about sex? (At ONE&ALL we do not want any topic to be off limits and I am sure that is your goal as a parent as well!)
  2. How would you define identity? (Categorically there are various areas of life and aspects to identity. We identify with various communities but our ultimate identity must be one that will never change. Identity is the state or fact of remaining the same under varying aspects or conditions.)
  3. Jeff asked the question: when did “how I am” become the same as “who I am”? Do you believe that “what you do” or “what you feel” defines “who you are”? (We tend to equate our emotions and our actions with our base or main identity. Your essence is stronger and more stable than your experience. Your essence is being made in the image of God.)
  4. How can we live out the image of God in us? (It is about about living out my identity as a Christ follower and pursuing Christ-likeness in all areas of life, not just in sexuality.)


  1. What are categories that you identify yourself as? (Athlete, student, sibling, son/daughter, etc.)
  2. There are a lot of different “tribes” or communities, what communities or tribes do you identify with? (Think sports team, interests, clubs, family, friend groups)
  3. How deeply do you identify with this community? Has it taken the place of God when it comes to your ultimate identity?
  4. Are there things you used to believe about God and the Bible and Christianity that you don’t believe anymore or aren’t settled on?
  5. What do you no longer believe that you think I still believe?
  6. What do you now believe that you think I don’t believe?
  7. What are things that you are hearing about sex at school? (If this is a newer topic for conversation, it may take a while to be more open, listening and being present in an empathetic way will go far relationally.)
  8. Jesus cares about all that is happening in your life. If there are things you’re not yet settled on, what other areas of life can you pursue Christ-likeness in now?