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03.23.17 ( Margeaux Hogue )

3 Ways You Can Celebrate Easter With Your Kids

As Christians, one of the most important holidays parents can celebrate and honor with their kids is Easter. It’s the holiday where you can tell your kids the story of how God sacrificed His only son for the world, for you, for them, and how He rose again!

But it can be difficult to keep the focus on the true meaning of Easter when what’s surrounding our kids has nothing to do with the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Here are three ways you can celebrate Easter with your kids and start new traditions, while still making it fun.

1. Share the Story of Easter with Resurrection Eggs
Resurrection Eggs are an interactive way to breakdown the story of Easter with your kids, opening one egg a day the 12 days leading up to Easter. Each egg tells a part of the Easter story. You can put a kit together yourself or buy one off Amazon.

2. Make Easter Baskets for Others
Use Jesus’s example of doing something for others by making Easter baskets for your child’s friends, neighbors, or One Life. This teaches your family the value of generosity and community. The basket doesn’t need to be anything fancy; just fill it with goodies and include something inspirational like a Bible Verse or friendship quote. This is also an easy way to non-intrusively invite people to your church’s Easter service by including a small Easter invite or card.

3. Start a New Easter Tradition with Food
Talk about The Last Supper (Mark 14:17-26) and how Jesus shared that special meal with his disciples. Make a pancake breakfast, head out the door for donuts, cook some spaghetti, or go out to dinner. You decide what’s best for your family and take some time to “break bread” together remembering all the Lord has done.

If you’d like to join us for Easter this year, check out our service times and locations.

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Margeaux’s a worship leader, wife and working Mama of three! Beyond her love for food and coffee, her passion in life is to encourage vulnerability and to make people feel like they matter.

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