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04.27.17 ( Jessica Carrera )

Are You Willing To Follow Where He Leads?

I didn’t think about it. I just threw my hands up into the arms of God and let Him take the moment.

For the last four years of my life I had invested in a career path I thought was going to become my life. It was the exact design my mother had envisioned for me, people raved about how unique it was, and in it I knew I would be able to support myself financially. It was going to be my future. And then one morning I was sitting in class and I realized how much it wasn't actually my passion.

Every day, I started feeling a little more confused, angry, and even numb. I couldn't quit something I spent the last four years pouring myself into.

For two months I got really honest with myself and with God. Over the course of those weeks I kept hearing the verse, "Yet not what I will, but what You will" (Mark 14:36) replayed in the forefront of my mind. Yet, I still continued to leave most of it to myself. I didn't truly want God to intervene all the way and I still tried to convince myself this is where I was meant to live.

Up until this past January I lived there, right at the edge of yikes and comfort. Then I attended a conference that pulled on the strings of my heart in so many ways. During one of the worship sets, Hillsong United performed. As I stood there in the stands taking in all the young people around me, I closed my eyes and truly let Jesus ravish my heart. My heart that had been confused, weary, and lacking confidence.

Over and over again, that same verse from Mark kept coming back to my mind. In a room filled with thousands of people, I met Jesus at the very center. And I heard the words penetrate my heart,

"Do you trust me? Now let go."

As I opened my eyes to see Hillsong singing, "Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me," water filled my eyes and the only thing I could respond with in that moment was utter adoration to my King.

I knew just what God was calling me to do. To leave behind the comfort of my set plans and pick up my cross and follow Him.

The bottom line friends is this, He is going to get you where you are meant to be. It's just up to you if you are willing to follow where He leads. It's the dotted lines that truly matter, the destination is just waiting.

I don't know where there looks like, and it feels fuzzy and uncertain in a lot of areas. But when people ask me what it is i'm doing with my life, my response now is simply this:

I'm following my Jesus.

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I am a firm believer in good coffee and going on adventures. I am a lover of people, things and Jesus. I find joy in driving to places that make me feel small and swooning over love songs. You can find me serving at CCV's college ministry on Thursday nights or on instagram @anotherporcelainheart

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