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05.16.17 ( Josh Wolford )

Do Small Things With Great Love

A few years back, my wife Kristi and I were on a date night. We sat in a fun, unique restaurant in downtown Pasadena. Candle-lit, even. The food was wonderful. The setting was perfect, and yet, all was not well. We weren’t fighting, it was just me. Something was off. I couldn’t shake it. I couldn’t beat it. Was I depressed?

More than anything else, I think I really just felt lost. Out of sorts.

She looked at me, sensing, knowing what was going on inside me. Whether I shared it with her or not…she knew. With a profound wisdom, she spoke into my life: “I feel like you’re supposed to fulfill that verse in Malachi… to seek justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. And until you do, you won’t be right.”

She was right.

I had gotten lost in the pattern of the world. Taking care of responsibilities. Paying the bills. Working (I was waiting tables at a restaurant at the time). I wasn’t sure where I could make an impact in the church…in the world. And so, there I sat, my faith and vitality as a person was being stunted due to my lack of action. I had all kinds of inclinations and desires to help people. But the next action step I was trying to find felt foggy and elusive. What exactly could I do? So I didn’t do anything.

Kristi knew this and so she revealed it.

This is a lesson I’ve learned more than once. I can be pretty dense/obtuse.

So, now what I try to do is not to overthink it when there is an opportunity before me. I try and just err on the side of action. You know, just do something. If I see someone who needs help, I do not ask, “Who am I to help?” or “They will think it’s weird that I’m offering.” or “Maybe they’ll be offended.” Does this mean that I sometimes offer to buy dinner for a homeless person and find out they’re not homeless? Yes. Is it a bit awkward? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Was it worth it just in case they did have a need? Did they see love conveyed either way? I believe so.

So let’s not let ourselves feel overwhelmed. Let’s just follow Mother Teresa’s advice as much as possible and...

“do small things with great love.”

So, what can you do? This weekend Dr. Ajai Lall spoke about some of the work being done for people in desperate need in India. What is God calling you to? God isn’t calling us all to move to India, of course. But, He is calling us to action. He has given us all gifts, talents, resources and time and He is calling us all to bless others. He is calling all of us to be generous.

Until you spend yourself on behalf of those in need, you will always feel a little bit “off.” God is inviting you to help Him bring restoration to the world!

For more information on how you can help with our partnership with Central India Christian Mission click here. For further insight on our calling to be a part of the restoration of the world, check out The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns.

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Josh is a husband, father, pastor, and laundromat missionary. He is incredibly curious about the way people connect with each other and with God.

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