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Enjoying the Holidays When You're Single

Hello my single friends, I’m back for another round of how to deal with the holidays without a boo. You might remember me from my Valentine’s Day special. Now, we know that singleness is a year-round occupation, but the holidays can be especially tough on that occupation when you’re surrounded by all the fuzzy, lovey-dovey feelings that you can’t relate to. (Have you ever heard of this thing called hand holding? Shudder.)

Before you face the holidays as a lone rider, you must remember one truth above all else: being single does not mean being unloved. Your sole existence, in and of itself, is so priceless in God’s eyes that He sacrificed His own life to adopt you into His family and make you an heir to an eternal inheritance with Him. Appreciate yourself if for no other reason than to recognize that God is never wrong, and His love is never misplaced. Your relationship with Him is the one that matters most.

With that said, God does intend for you to have community, no matter what your marital status is. In Genesis 2:18, God says: “It is not good for the man to be alone.” He doesn’t say it’s not good for someone to be “single,” but rather “alone.” You’re meant to live your life in togetherness and fellowship, and that includes how you celebrate the holidays. Food. Fun. Friends. Family. These are the ingredients that anyone can use to make the holidays the joyful experience that God meant for us.

Whether you’re celebrating a potluck “Friendsgiving” with your college roommates, or an office party with your co-workers, or a quiet Christmas morning with your family, you have many opportunities to intentionally love the people around you with gifts and quality time together. Instead of hunting for a perfect fake boyfriend like in virtually every Hallmark movie, devote yourself to intentional love. Check off your Christmas shopping list early. Volunteer in community events. Call friends you haven’t talked to in a while. Spend one-on-one time with God every morning. Pray for extra patience for that one difficult family member (you know who I’m talking about).

If you start with a plan, you’re more likely to find fulfilling ways to enjoy the holidays than staying at home watching television. You don’t need the perfect plus one. Look around with an open and thankful heart, and let God show you all the ways that He is already blessing you this season.

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