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10.10.17 ( Jennifer Elrod )

Slow Down

Last night, my friends and I were talking about how the Holy Spirit can allow us to do things we never anticipated because of our simple obedience to saying yes. I often ask myself: Am I allowing God to use me to show His love to others? Am I saying yes to the things or people that God has placed in front of me?

This week, I found myself obeying something so simple yet powerful enough to leave me in tears. God used me because I chose to obey. Sometimes the biggest blessings come from the moments we weren’t expecting, where we bless someone else, yet, in turn, we are left more blessed.

I was in a hurry to pick up some items for work, so I ordered coffee for my colleagues on my Starbucks app, and ran into the grocery store. On my way out of the store, a man sitting out front asked me if I had any change. I rushed by him saying no, I never carry cash on me. As I drove to the other side of the complex to Starbucks, my heart was so convicted. First, I didn’t even notice this man when I ran into the store. It made me think of how many times I walk by someone in need and don’t notice them because I am so consumed within my own little world. Second, I needed to go back and do something for this man. In that same moment, my coworker texted me to say they didn’t want coffee that morning. Well, I had already ordered and paid. I knew I had to go back and give it to the man. As I got back in my car, I rummaged through my center divider in my car and was able to find a few dollars. As I approached the man and handed him the hot cup of coffee, I said, “This is for you, I hope you have a blessed day.” He was overjoyed and thankful, and he paused to ask me if I was sure. We spoke briefly there, outside the grocery store. His name is Walter, he’s a veteran, he grew up in the area, he went to Cal Poly Pomona back in the day when it was less than $100 per class. I happened to be wearing an APU polo that day and he asked me about my job and my students. The conversation was short, but I left in tears because I felt the Spirit moving and felt God using me to bless this stranger.

My life verse is 1 John 3:18, “Let us love not in word or speech, but in truth and action.” My Christianity and love for God allows me to love others through action. My prayer is that, as believers, we would begin to slow down and ask God to use us to show His love to others. I pray that you would be blessed through something as simple as a cup of coffee, some change, and by noticing and engaging in a conversation with a stranger. These simple acts of love will bless your heart more than you could have imagined. Ask God to use you as a conduit of his love and grace, and sit back and allow him to interrupt your day. I promise you won’t regret it because you’ll find God’s love in the most unlikely places.

Keep my new friend Walter in your prayers as well; I told him I’d be praying.

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Jennifer has been a part of the ONE&ALL Community for over ten years. She has a Master of Arts in Management and currently works as a tax consultant. In her free time, she loves reading Colleen Hoover books, teaching about food justice & racial reconciliation, drinking really good coffee, writing Yelp reviews, and traveling. She loves to laugh, has a huge heart for serving others, and is obsessed with reality television.

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