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05.19.17 ( Jessica Carrera )

Why Reading is Important: My Favorites and Why

They say reading makes you a smarter human being. But what they don't tell you is reading actually makes you wiser in your daily life too. Without even realizing it over the last couple years, I have picked up more books than I can count and it seems as if the Barnes and Noble shelf becomes smaller each time I walk in.

During grade school, reading was the last thing I wanted to do with my time, but as I got older and discovered who Jesus was, I made it a mission to dedicate myself to the process. The process of learning and discovering my God-breathed worth and who Jesus is. There are many reasons I could tell you to pick up a book, but out of all the reasons, the one I like to tell is simply this: you find freedom. It's empowering and opens doors to things you never knew. To tell of all my favorite books would take several coffee dates and an endless amount of time, however, below are a few that have truly made an impact in my walk with Christ and have encouraged me in who I am.

Desiring God by John Piper
This was the first book I picked up after a season of spiritual drought and the perfect book to dive into to discover who God is. It goes through the idea that God is most glorified through us when we are most satisfied in Him. It changed my perspective on living, love and how mighty God is. I fell more in love with Jesus after closing the last page.

The Comeback by Louie Giglio
It's about celebration, that we serve a God of new beginnings, a God of redemption stories and sweet love songs. If you feel as if life makes no sense and you wonder why Jesus still loves you, or even if you want to understand grace a little more closely, I strongly encourage you to pick up this little orange-colored book.

Scary Close by Donald Miller
I had always been afraid of relationships and getting close to people until I read this book. Miller digs into the messy, and the not so nice corners of loving people. I learned that the opposite of love is not hate, but it's actually fear. We are meant for relationship with one another and every time we close the door on letting people see the vulnerable pieces of our hearts, we are worse off than those who love too much. For we are humans wired for relationship. Beautiful things happen when we get honest.

Prayer by Timothy Keller
I strongly believe prayer changes things. I didn't know how to pray for most of my life and didn't feel worthy enough to come to my King. Keller offers great insight how aside from learning prayers by rote, he offers spiritual guidance in praying during different seasons of life.

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey
Beside the fact that feminist threw me off at first, this was the best book I have read thus far in 2017. Bessey explores all the tough and messy points most people never like to stay on for too long. She invites you into the fact that women are people, too. Bessey made me realize my God-breathed worth, freedom and potential, all while serving the Kingdom of God. If you're looking for a freedom song, I suggest you begin right here.

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I am a firm believer in good coffee and going on adventures. I am a lover of people, things and Jesus. I find joy in driving to places that make me feel small and swooning over love songs. You can find me serving at CCV's college ministry on Thursday nights or on instagram @anotherporcelainheart

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