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We exist for the world and have been called to bring those who are far from God, near to God. “YES” is our opportunity to focus on our value of generosity and its connection to reaching people in the valley and beyond. We have been praying and stepping out on faith to answer God’s call. Imagine if we all said Yes!

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Do you know someone who is just as passionate about Jesus as you? Tell them how they can make a difference.


Rancho Cucamonga Children's Building

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to dedicate our new Kids Building and Cafe at the Rancho Cucamonga Campus on Sunday, January 31, 2021. We are thankful for your faithful generosity, during our YES Initiative, that made this new building possible. We can't wait to see the families that will be impacted with this new space to connect and grow in their faith!

Update: God's Pantry

God’s Pantry Care Center has been the beacon of light the past two years for our local communities. 2020 brought opportunities for God’s Pantry to serve more people than ever before. God’s Pantry fed over 320,000 people through the Care Center and distribution sites. We are happy to say that our Rancho Cucamonga and West Covina Campuses are able to be one of these distribution sites that have served 200-400 families during each distribution. The Care Center also assisted over 12,000 individuals with care points in counseling, work experience hours, clothing and case management as well as providing over 1,500 nights away from the streets in the last 14 months to over 40 clients.

Update: ONE&ALL Media

Our partnership with ONE&ALL Media & Jeff Vines radio show has grown beyond the South Pacific because of YES. We are celebrating the launch of the radio show on Premiere Christian Radio in London! Along with the show on Vision Christian Radio, the listening audience will grow from 1 million to 2.5 million listeners! We are praising God for opening doors and praying for those who are far from God, to come near to God.

Update: Global

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to help with work being done across the globe. In Kenya - Chosen Children of Promise (CCP) has continued construction on the building that will house the school and clinic. It will be a beacon of hope and improve the learning environment for the students to help them end the cycle of poverty. In India – Central Christian Indian Mission (CICM) has been able to train more students, over 6000, after going online. CICM also got recognized for Best Hospital with Excellence by the State government on February 1st. In Zimbabwe – because of YES, more wells have been built allowing more gardens and food for those areas in which Africa Development Mission Trust (ADMT) serves.

Jill's Story

“I first heard Jeff Vines on our Vision radio program and was so blessed from his preaching that I soon found myself wanting more, hence me downloading the CCV app. Every chance I get I listen to several messages. So many times, the Lord has challenged me, or encouraged my heart through those sermons. They helped me through the stresses of seeing our son Nathan fight cancer, encouraging me in my prayer life and reassurance of God’s sovereignty in our lives. CCV’s vision and mission statement to see a Christ follower in every home in the valley inspires me to be a better neighbour, work colleague, friend etc so that I too can take part in that vision even though it be in another country.”

– Jill, Australia

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We are spiritual contributors, not consumers.
The church does not exist for us, but we are 
the church, and we exist for the world. 

We exist for the world and have been called to bring those who are far from God, near to God. “YES” is our opportunity to focus on our value of generosity and its connection to reaching people in the valley and beyond. 

Imagine if we all said Yes!

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