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Local Outreach


Make a Difference

At ONE&ALL we believe we are God’s Plan A to bring hope to the world! Jesus said You are the Light of the World, A City on a Hill that cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14. 

Local Outreach

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Local Outreach

I Love My City

Our world is broken. We cannot deny the darkness in the world that is taking place right now. A similar thing was happening in the days of Isaiah. In chapter 59 God was displeased He could not find any one to intervene. But we want to be like Isaiah who said “Here I am Lord. Send me!” We are excited to serve our community 1 morning each month through I LOVE MY CITY! Tell us your story of how you are loving your city.

Compassion network

Need a hand? Compassion Network ministry is focused on building relationships in the church and local community by meeting people at their need.

Benevolent Care

It is not shameful to be in need. The loss of a job, an injury, death in the family, or accident can all lead to unforeseen hardship. Our benevolence ministry cares about what you are going through and is dedicated to providing assistance whenever possible for your physical and spiritual needs.

Favor de notar: Les pedimos a los solicitantes que hablan Español a traer un intérprete a las entrevistas planificadas.

Local Partners

God has allowed us to share the hope of Christ in our communities through partnerships with our cities, school districts and other organizations.

Coming Up For Local Outreach

Upcoming Events

God's Pantry Food Distribution

Wednesdays at 1:30 pm
Next: 2.1.23
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God's Pantry Food Distribution

The 3rd Saturday of every month at 7:30 am
Next: 2.18.23
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Local Outreach Assistant

Danielle Frazer

Associate Outreach Pastor

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