In the ONE&ALL Daily Podcast, we will guide you through a meditative devotional thought for your day. At ONE&ALL Church we believe that being in scripture and praying to God daily is the key to living a fulfilling Christian life.

Start your Monday - Friday with a quick 2 to 3 minute devotional teaching from ONE&ALL so you can learn, grow and take your next step in following Jesus.

Jesus Weeps With Us | Dru Rodriguez

Today Pastor Dru Rodriguez shares how we are not alone in your sadness and sorrow. Jesus weeps with us.

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A Long View of Goodness | Steve Meharg

Today, Pastor Steve Meharg encourages us to not give up doing good so we can reap a harvest.

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Deny Yourself | Dru Rodriguez

Are you a follower? Today Pastor Dru Rodriguez shares what Jesus says a follower looks like.

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Running with Weight | Steve Meharg

Pastor Steve reminds today that we do not have a weight that is holding us back from living the life God has called us to live but we have faith in Jesus that is brought from forgiveness & grace.

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Do What I Say | Steve Meharg

Do you follow the advice of experts?

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Strong & Courageous | Dru Rodriguez

Pastor Dru reminds us that when God told Joshua to be strong & Courageous that it was not only an encouragement but a pressing on our hearts towards the battles we face today

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Unexamined Life | Steve Meharg

Today, Pastor Steve reminds us that we need to take a closer look into our lives & take out the things that are allowing darkness to fester inside us in order for us to be more like Jesus

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Surrender Everything | Dru Rodriguez

Is the worry you carry getting in the way of your calling? Dru Rodriguez shares how we can seek God and the calling on our lives above everything else so we can overflow with hope.

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What Clothes Are You Wearing | Michael Kisaka

Today, Pastor Michael shares with us that we need to put on the clothes of compassion in order for us to see & walk in the ways of Jesus

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Deconstruction | Rory Eldridge

Today Pastor Rory Eldridge shares how deconstruction done well is good. Are you ready to examine your faith?

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