In the ONE&ALL Daily Podcast, we will guide you through a meditative devotional thought for your day. At ONE&ALL Church we believe that being in scripture and praying to God daily is the key to living a fulfilling Christian life.

Start your Monday - Friday with a quick 2 to 3 minute devotional teaching from ONE&ALL so you can learn, grow and take your next step in following Jesus.

No Humility Without Humiliation | Dru Rodriguez

Are you willing to be humiliated for the sake of Christ?

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Dad Life | Eric Perez

Raising children can change your outlook on life. You’re a child’s whole world and it can be hard. But it’s ultimately kingdom work.

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Put Me in Coach? | Matt Chavez

We want change and want what God has for us, but do we really want it?

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Who's on the Throne? | Kelly Soiles

Don't settle for a second-rate solution. Be patient, take heart and trust the true king for the solutions in your life.

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Science Experiment | Steve Meharg

The Resurrection of Jesus has given us proof of God's promise and eternal life.

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Go to Church | Dru Rodriguez

Don’t let your church hurt deter your relationship and faith in God. The church is never supposed to be perfect. But a place for broken people who do wrong things to come together to be more like Jesus.

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One Day at a Time | Kristin Groene

Do you succeed with your New Year Resolutions every year? If you dont… did they Involve God?

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Awkward! | Steve Meharg

Unlock the relationship with God by understanding who Jesus is. Don't kill the author of life, invite him in.

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Active Service | Danielle Frazer

As we grow in our faith we yearn to be more like Jesus. With that growth, we must learn to actively serve others daily.

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Be Like the Shepherds | Michael Kisaka

What you are most excited about tends to be what is in your heart. With the Christmas season upon us, are we excited for the presents we will receive or for Jesus? Remember Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

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