In the ONE&ALL Daily Podcast, we will guide you through a meditative devotional thought for your day. At ONE&ALL Church we believe that being in scripture and praying to God daily is the key to living a fulfilling Christian life.

Start your Monday - Friday with a quick 2 to 3 minute devotional teaching from ONE&ALL so you can learn, grow and take your next step in following Jesus.

A Father & His Children | Dru Rodriguez

Today Dru Rodriguez share how God sees the beauty in each one of His children.

Listen to "A Father & His Children | Dru Rodriguez" on Spreaker.

Master The Basics | Dru Rodriguez

Dru Rodriguez reminds us of the importance of the basics to our daily walk with God.

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Don't Grow Weary | Ron Aramburo

Have you ever felt like giving up? Ron Aramburo shares how we can not grow weary in doing good.

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It Takes Heart | Dru Rodriguez

Dru Rodriguez shares about the importance of having heart to allow God to work in your life.

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What Was Wanda's Vision? | Matt Chavez

Today Pastor Matt explores what the perfect world looks like when God is in your life.

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700 Million Dollar Naming Rights | Matt Chavez

What is the cost of a name? Pastor Matt shares how you matter and what God was willing to pay for your name.

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Man In The Mirror | Matt Chavez

Today, Pastor Matt encourages us to stop looking at ourselves and to look more like Christ.

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Set Your Destination and Go | Matt Chavez

Pastor Matt asks what would it look like to set your direction to God and Go?

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The Flawed Pursuit of Perfection | Rory Eldridge

Do you know of a perfect person? Pastor Rory shares about Jesus, the one perfect person.

Listen to "The Flawed Pursuit of Perfection | Rory Eldridge" on Spreaker.

Stop Being Strong | Joseph Grabowski

God cares about your inner life, including your brokenness. How can we also learn to embrace it.

Listen to "Stop Being Strong | Joseph Grabowski" on Spreaker.