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11.12.20 ( Jennifer Aufrecht )

Even Flowers and Ice Cream ...

Sometimes big events come screaming into our lives and draw us closer to God: a birth or death in the family, a scary diagnosis, marriage or divorce, an accident, or 2020. But sometimes, little events come whispering into our lives and change our relationship with God in the same way. Even something like a bouquet of flowers and a carton of ice cream.

Early in our quarantine on a Friday night, I told my husband and daughter that I wanted to take flowers and ice cream to one of my friends. After dinner and picking up the items, we drove to her house, set the items on the porch, rang the doorbell, and stepped away from the door. They were so surprised when they answered the door. We chatted for a moment and then headed home. While it felt nice to get out of the house, it felt even better to bring a little joy to someone else. We decided that night, to start a “quarantine tradition” and deliver a little color and sweet into someone’s life every Friday. It became known as our “Friday deliveries.” For weeks, we would ask God throughout the week, who needed encouragement. It was the highlight of the week.

One Monday, we got a prayer request from a fellow staff member, that his dad in Texas was on his way to the ER with COVID-19. As I was praying, I really felt that we needed to pick up flowers and ice cream to deliver to the family, but that we also needed to take some time to pray with this family. We moved to southern California from Washington 10 years ago and have had more than our share of health issues with our parents “back home.” Some of my hardest and loneliest days were being away when I wanted to be there. Knowing that this family had just moved here from another state, I knew what they were experiencing. I told Randy and Kim that I was a little nervous because we didn’t know them well, but that we needed to be obedient to what God had told me to do. As we finished praying with them that evening, his mom called to say that his dad was being sent home with medication and didn’t need to stay in the hospital!

Was that because of my prayer? Who knows! But there are two little girls who saw strangers from church stop by with ice cream and prayer, and their grandfather went home from the hospital. My continued prayer is that those girls never forget the power of prayer and the goodness of God.

Some of you may be wondering why I am sharing this experience. Please don’t think that it is because I want any recognition for myself! This was all about God; the glory goes to Him. For the last several years, I have been on a long, dark & lonely road of depression. But through this season of isolation, God called me to focus on serving others and healed my depression. I will always cherish the call of God to serve His people during this time. I learned to listen to the “random thoughts” that pop into my mind from time to time and have become more courageous to step out of my comfort zone to obey God’s prompts.

I am not unique. God give us all ideas and thoughts. What is God asking you to do that takes you out of your comfort zone to bring glory to Him? What experiences have you had that have prepared you to minister to others? Don’t let money, fear or any excuse keep you from reaching out to others during this season and beyond. His ways are perfect. He gets the glory, and you just might see some miraculous things in your life!

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Jennifer has been married to Randy for over 30 years and is the mom of two grown kids, Kim & Nick and daughter-in-law, SaraJane. She refuses to believe all the mother-in-law jokes she hears! In December 2022, she became "Grammy" for the first time, and life will never be the same again. Since growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she will always be a Seahawks fan. She also loves Diet Coke, chocolate, worship music, and Jesus. Especially Jesus.

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