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07.23.20 ( Zachery Roman )

Healing Through Compassion

I’ve always heard that when you’re hurting, the best way to help heal is to serve others. 

The truth is, I’m broken.

Sometimes, I think, beyond repair.

You can say it’s a selfish motive, but when I saw that the Compassion Network offered opportunities to serve others, I decided to help out because I’m not the only person in this world who is hurting, in need of healing or just in need. The San Gabriel Valley has more than its fair share of people who need compassion, and desire to connect with others.

For the past few months, I’ve been helping out at God’s Pantry (through the Compassion Network) by picking up, boxing and delivering food to families.

Through the network, I was also able to help an elderly couple get their car smogged. Little did I know that their mechanic was an old church friend of mine and we had a chance to reconnect.

I’ve done yard work for seniors like Deborah, who had put in a request to have her backyard cleared of weeds that were about three feet high. As I cleared the yard, she sat and talked to me about her life. Her son. Her desire to create a business. Her hearing loss. Her beliefs. And I in turn, was able to share with her who I believe in, Jesus.

On more than one occasion, I’ve been offered money for my “services” because people want to express their gratitude. Each time, I ask for something that now holds more value to me.


The common theme I noticed is that people, those who are in the greatest need, want to be seen. They want to know that people care. They’re lonely. They’re broken. They need compassion.

When I help out, there’s two words that I constantly think of: strength and honor.

The words are taken from Russell Crowe’s blockbuster movie, The Gladiator. Right before the Roman army heads into battle, Russell’s character shares these words with his commander and he in turn, shares it with the other soldiers. It’s their motto.


Because, it takes strength to serve others rather than yourself, especially when everything inside you says that you’d rather be served because of your hurt and pain.


Because the Bible says to do everything as if doing it unto the Lord. We don’t serve haphazardly; we serve because that’s what we’re called to do by Jesus.

I get it, there’s a deadly disease out there that’s impacting people’s lives. There’s fear of helping out and being involved in serving.

But, if we, the church, the hands and feet of Jesus, don’t go out to serve others, who else will do it? If we live in fear, what hope is there for those who don’t know Him?

There might be several reasons why you think you can’t serve in some capacity:

You’re too busy.

You have too many responsibilities.

You’re not qualified.

And the best reason of all - Because of your track record and the sins you’ve committed against others or yourself, you think God can’t use you.

Sometimes, it takes a broken person to help broken people.

And if that’s the case, God surely has the right man for the job.

A year ago, at this time, my life looked completely different than it does today.

I was having articles published by well-known websites. I was on vacation and planning for more vacations. I was looking at my 401k daily. I was saving money. I lived in a house. I had a family.

In one year’s time…. all of it is gone.

To say that I’ve had a fall from grace, would be an understatement.

So, where do people like me go?

Where do any of the broken, hopeless and hurting people go, if not for the foot of the cross, where grace, forgiveness and compassion can be found?

You might not think that you’re qualified to serve, but all it takes is the strength to look beyond yourself to meet the needs of others and the desire to honor the One who gives us hope in the midst of life’s darkest moments. It’s in those times where your service is needed the most.

My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, to you I say, serve others with strength and honor.

Thankfully, the Compassion Network provides opportunities for both.

To learn more about the Compassion Network at ONE&ALL Church visit  

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Zachery Roman serves with the Compassion Ministry of ONE&ALL Church. His writings have been published by, Huffington Post and The Good Men Project.

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