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04.02.20 ( Jennifer Elrod )

Lenten Acts of Kindness

Much of my life over the last two weeks has been consumed with Zoom meetings for work and between friends, strategically planned meals and grocery trips, and figuring out a new normal. In a recent Zoom meeting, someone asked me how am I being intentional with engaging God in this season? 

I paused for a moment and said, “we’ve forgotten that it’s Lent. That we are still within our forty days of Lenten season.” The faces in the call were shocked because it was true. The last two weeks of quarantine have felt so slow. February was one day longer and the memes were flying through the interwebs, little did we know March would come to a screeching halt with Covid-19, Stay at Home orders. I think we can intentionally engage God in this season by:

Leaning into Him. Taking time to read more, pray more, and reflect on how you see Him in this unprecedented season

Allowing Him to show up by intentionally loving others. 

As we settle into what seems to be at least another 30 days at home, and as we approach Easter from home for the first time. I want us to find ways to still reflect on God’s goodness with simple acts of kindness. In the time that we have remaining, maybe pick a handful of acts below and spread God’s love of kindness and invite a neighbor to watch Easter online “with you”.

15 Acts of Kindness:

  1. Write an encouraging note to your child’s teacher
  2. Offer to go grocery shopping for a neighbor or mom with young children
  3. Bring in your neighbor’s garbage bin
  4. Do something for a family member or friend who is extra busy
  5. Text 3 people who came across your mind today
  6. Pray for someone who comes to mind- and then text them your written prayer
  7. Let someone go ahead of you in line at the store or while driving on the road
  8. Give the biggest tip you can afford to your delivery driver
  9. Write a thank you card or encouraging card and mail it
  10. Write encouraging note in chalk on a sidewalk near you
  11. Make eye connect and say Hello or Good Afternoon while on a walk
  12. Thank someone who has served our country
  13. Hold the door open for someone, even if you don't need to
  14. Offer to help a new mom or single mom financially, physically, or spiritually
  15. Share an inspiring worship song with a friend

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Jennifer has been a part of the ONE&ALL Community for over ten years. She has a Master of Arts in Management and currently works as a tax consultant. In her free time, she loves reading Colleen Hoover books, teaching about food justice & racial reconciliation, drinking really good coffee, writing Yelp reviews, and traveling. She loves to laugh, has a huge heart for serving others, and is obsessed with reality television.

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Lenten Acts of Kindness

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