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12.21.21 ( Tawny France )

The Moment I Knew

Recently in my community group, a few of us talked about how new Christians often share the “big moment” that led them to Christ and changed them forever. Some of them share the exact day, what they were doing and why they made that change and we all fall to pieces in awe of the beauty of Christ moving in those people’s lives. Those stories capture our attention and motivate others to change and live more like Jesus. But we quickly thought about our own lives and asked, “What if I don’t have that?”. Does that make us less of a representative for Christianity? What about those who have known Jesus their whole lives. Do they not get their moment too? Some of us are born into Christian households, where God is the center of everything; where VBS happens every summer and Sunday school was never missed. And some of us come to know Christ on our own in a less obvious way. Maybe through a family member or a friend, through a hard time in our lives or maybe through curiosity. Yet regardless of our journey, we can all see the amazing things God has done through each and every one of us.

For me, there was never one specific thing, no big turning point, but a collection of things adding up to my life in Christ. A slow transition from the old me to the new, which was exactly what I needed. I can see all the changes He has made in my life, especially through my mental health. But when talking about my faith and sharing my testimony, it is difficult to pinpoint the snap moment where everything changed. I worked hard, asking God for wisdom constantly and changing one bad habit at a time. Now that I have gotten to where I am confident in my faith, I can not only see the major difference but feel the difference in the quality of life I have. And I’ve realized, it isn’t always about the exact moment but the journey itself and the life we live after we know Christ.

A friend of mine mentioned that because she’s never not known God, she doesn’t have the obvious moment or circumstance, the dramatic turning point. She has always known and lived as best as she could in accordance with God’s plan for us. Yet, she is often frustrated at this “big moment” question—because for her, there truly was never a moment. But without people like her, who have walked with Christ their whole lives and remain faithful and full of God’s love, it would be difficult for us to see how fruitful and committed God is to us. And as important as it is seeing lifelong Christians, it is just as important seeing those who never knew God, accept Jesus and be forever transformed. All of our journeys are a testament of God's love and goodness and are perfectly planned by God specifically for us. Big moment or not, our stories are important to share to people seeking faith and people who know Christ. Whatever the journey may be, it's the fact that we all ended up in the same place: glorifying and loving God! Without all of our unique stories and faith journeys, it would be harder for people to see the miracles of our Lord and what His everlasting love has to offer. We were created to live like Jesus and give people an image of what our Lord is like.

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Tawny France has a degree in writing and still has trouble spelling the word "definitely." She cries during movies she's already seen and believes even bad Chipotle is still good Chipotle. If bug bites weren't so itchy, she would spend all her time outside reading, hanging out at the beach, hiking or watching a baseball game. Her dream is to use poetry to discuss her trials and experiences God gave her to encourage, love, support and help others.

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