Weekend Podcast

Weekend messages from ONE&ALL's teaching team!

The Rise and Fall (Part 1)

In week 3 of our sermon series Vivid, Pastor Jeff Vines is joined by guest speaker Don Mason in a conversation about the timeliness of this series over the book of Daniel. They discuss topics ranging from tolerance, cancel culture and how to live distinctly as a Christ follower in our society today. Daniel shows us a great example of how to live a distinct life that influences culture instead of assimilating to it.

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The Writing On the Wall

Sometimes we need to see a vivid picture of who we really are and who we are meant to be as Christ followers. In week 2 of our sermon series Vivid, Pastor Jeff Vines shares 3 snapshots of a fully devoted follower of Christ. We see these qualities in the life of Daniel, as he stays faithful to the Lord within a society where it could have been easy for him to live a halfhearted, lukewarm life.

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Seeing the World Through The Eyes of God

Is it possible for Christ followers to restore the soul of America? Absolutely! But we first have to deal with the wickedness in our own hearts in order to deal with the wickedness in our world. In week 1 of our sermon series Vivid, Pastor Jeff Vines teaches that in order to see the world through the eyes of God and influence this world for the better we must be centered on the Word of God

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Purpose of Pain

In this life we will have trouble and pain. But pain is a lot easier to endure when we know there is a purpose behind it. In this message Pastor Rory Eldridge shares with us 5 purposes of pain. We must hold onto the hope that God can take our deepest pain and turn it into something meaningful and transformative.

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Freedom & Courage

True freedom and courage come from following Jesus and living life in the hands of God. In this week's message, Pastor Mike Breaux shares how God can do powerful things when we walk in this type of faith. So, what would you do if you weren't afraid?

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Reset Your Trajectory

How do we reset our trajectory in a culture where Christians no longer have a seat at the table? In week 6 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines teaches on our current position in society and gives guidance on how we can build up the next generation for the good of the future.

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Reset Your Attitude

It’s time to reset our attitudes. In week 5 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines challenges us to be a community that has the eyes to see the places in this country where systemic racism exists. It begins with admitting that we are a part of this system whether we realize it or not. In this tense time in our nation, the question we need to ask ourselves more than ever is “what would Jesus do?”

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Reset Your Approach

When you are going through a difficult season, how do you approach God? IN week 4 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines gives us direction on how to reset our approach to God through the story of Job. We learn that even though hard times in this life, we can trust in the Lord's great knowledge, grace and love.

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Reset Your Understanding

Are you willing to ask God to reset your understanding? Are you willing to let go of your ideas that don’t align with scripture? In week 3 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Steve Meharg teaches from John chapter 3 where Jesus explains to Nicodemus that “no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” We have to come to Jesus and let the Holy Spirit transform our hearts so that we become ONE, a united body with a passion to love, serve, and forgive.

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Reset Your Connection

In week 2 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines give us direction on how to reset our connection to God. We learn about Jacob, who reset his life after a long night of wrestling with the Lord. The truth is, most of us have been wrestling with God all of our lives and there comes a point when we have to reset our connection to Him and make Him our greatest pursuit.

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