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Weekend messages from ONE&ALL's teaching team!

Reset Your Trajectory

How do we reset our trajectory in a culture where Christians no longer have a seat at the table? In week 6 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines teaches on our current position in society and gives guidance on how we can build up the next generation for the good of the future.

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Reset Your Attitude

It’s time to reset our attitudes. In week 5 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines challenges us to be a community that has the eyes to see the places in this country where systemic racism exists. It begins with admitting that we are a part of this system whether we realize it or not. In this tense time in our nation, the question we need to ask ourselves more than ever is “what would Jesus do?”

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Reset Your Approach

When you are going through a difficult season, how do you approach God? IN week 4 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines gives us direction on how to reset our approach to God through the story of Job. We learn that even though hard times in this life, we can trust in the Lord's great knowledge, grace and love.

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Reset Your Understanding

Are you willing to ask God to reset your understanding? Are you willing to let go of your ideas that don’t align with scripture? In week 3 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Steve Meharg teaches from John chapter 3 where Jesus explains to Nicodemus that “no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” We have to come to Jesus and let the Holy Spirit transform our hearts so that we become ONE, a united body with a passion to love, serve, and forgive.

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Reset Your Connection

In week 2 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines give us direction on how to reset our connection to God. We learn about Jacob, who reset his life after a long night of wrestling with the Lord. The truth is, most of us have been wrestling with God all of our lives and there comes a point when we have to reset our connection to Him and make Him our greatest pursuit.

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Reset Your Life

If you’re feeling stuck in your life and want to press the reset button, this message is for you! In week 1 of our sermon series Reset, Pastor Jeff Vines gives us direction on how to press the reset button on habits that aren’t leading us to the ultimate goal of our lives. We see an example of this in the life of Paul, who pressed the reset button in his own life when he met Jesus.

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What About Hell?

If you don’t go to heaven, where do you go? In week 5 of our sermon series Heaven, Pastor Jeff Vines teaches about hell and what it is really like. Ending up in hell is the ultimate trajectory of our free well on this earth. Pastor Jeff emphasizes that “trajectory” is not perfection! Hell is not about the bad things people have done but about the attitudes that lead them there.

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The 3 Misconceptions

Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like? In week 4 of our sermon series Heaven, Pastor Rory Eldridge teaches on three common misconceptions about heaven. Even though we aren’t in heaven yet, Pastor Rory leaves us with some practical ways to experience heaven here on earth!

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Who Gets To Go?

In week 3 of our Heaven series we dive into a question that most of us have asked -- Who gets to go to heaven? Pastor Steve Meharg teaches that it’s not about what we can do to get into heaven but rather who we are and who we want to be like. Do we want to be like Jesus or like the world?

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What Will It Be Like?

Have you ever thought about what it will be like in heaven? In week 2 of our Heaven series, Pastor Jeff teaches that in heaven we will see an end to the dark night of the soul, we will see people we’ve loved and lost, and most importantly, we will get to see Jesus!

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