Weekend Podcast

Weekend messages from ONE&ALL's teaching team!

Gifts & Talents

Each of us has gifts and talents that are given to us by God. Pastor Jeff Vines teaches us how God used the gifts he had given to Daniel to impact an entire kingdom. How is God calling you to use your gifts?

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Truth & Love

We are called to live in the world but not be of the world. So how do we impact culture? Pastor Jeff Vines shows us that God's people should not separate themselves from culture but permeate culture with truth and love. Enjoy watching teaching 3 from our NOW series!

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Salt & Light

How do we as Christians live lives that abstain from conforming to the world while still prospering? Pastor Rory Eldridge shares the story of Daniel in the bible who abstained from worshiping a king, yet prospered within that same king's kingdom.

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Death & Life

The gospel message is a matter of death and life. Jesus, one man who lived a perfect life, defeated death by dying on a cross and 3 days later raised himself from the dead. This act was performed so we, all of humanity, could be in relationship with God for all eternity and experience life. Death & life. Pastor Jeff Vines shares with us the importance of the gospel message and why it's vital that we share it with the world!

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Hide & Seek

Hide & seek is a game everyone has played at least once in their life. At the end of an hide and seek game you would yell, "olly olly oxen free" to let everyone know htat it was safe to come out from hiding. Pastor Jeff Vines teaches us that we're all currently in a game of hide and seek. As Christians it is our job to yell "olly olly oxen free" letting those in hiding know it's safe to come home. What does that look like in our day to day life? Pastor Jeff Vines teaches us what it looks like to walk across

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Defeat Hopelessness

There is one life in your family, friend group, at school or work who is living with no hope. They're waiting for you to tell them that hope exists! It's time to word up! In episode 1 of our series, One Life, Pastor Jeff Vines shares with us practical tips on how to follow Jesus and bring those far from God near.

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Defined by the Past

We all have a past. For some of us what was in the past has hacked our identity and still defines who we are today. In episode 4 of our Hacked series Pastor Mike Breaux teaches us that you no longer have to be defined by your past and how you can reclaim your identity.

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Slave to Success

From a very young age each of us are taught to chase success. We become slaves to the very thing promised to set us free. The question is, what is success? How do we know when we've arrive? Pastor Mike Breaux teaches us that success has hacked our identity and how we can take it back.

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The Mirror Lied

More than ever we are a culture hacked by our physical appearance. Who we see in the mirror is judged by the standard set by society. The mirror tells us who we are. But the mirror lied. Pastor Mike Breaux teaches us how to break the mirror and see ourselves how God sees us.

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Identity Theft

Identity theft and being hacked are serious issues! We don't just deal with this online but each of us deals with this on a personal level. Our self image, our relationships, our successes, our past can all be hacked. Pastor Mike Breaux teaches us about being ripped off by relationships and how to protect ourselves from having our identity hacked.

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