Weekend Podcast

Weekend messages from ONE&ALL's teaching team!

Fixer Upper

Some father's fix up houses but all Father's should build a home. How do you build a home like that? Pastor Mike Breaux shares with us these must have rooms in your home with practical tips on how to build them.

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Built to Last

What we should be living for? If Jesus is the foundation for a Christian's life then why are Christians being killed? Jeff Vines teaches how to answer this question by looking at the foundation of our life and how to make sure it's built to last.

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Church in the Wild

There is church in the wild and it's shown in the book of Acts. Pastor Rory Eldridge shows us what a church in the wild looks like. He also gives us some examples of people who are living out what it is to be a church in the wild. For example, DJ Soto who started VR Church and is baptizing VR avatars. Rory reminds us that history makers are rule breakers and that was modeled by Jesus.

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Stinkin Thinkin

Can positive thinking change my life? Pastor Rory Eldridge explains the power of our minds and how our lives reflect what's in our minds. In this teaching he reminds us that "you cant have a positive life with a negative mind." Renew your mind by watching this teaching from Pastor Rory!

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Shaken But Not Defeated

We've all experienced seasons where it feels like our world is shaking. Whether it's coming from your finances, your job, or a broken relationship, as Jesus followers we are shaken but not defeated. Pastor Jeff Vines explains what the early church prayed for in their time of shaking and how we should do the same!

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Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother's Day! Lashi Howard teaches us about the homeless children in India. God placed it on her heart to serve God through serving children. This is her story.

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The Church Begins

What happened the day the church began? Pastor Jeff Vines talks about the event that started the church that transformed 3,000 members in one day!

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A Dynamic Force

Why was the early church so effective at changing culture? This week Pastor Jeff Vines talks about how when the church loves it becomes a dynamic force that changes the culture.

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Heaven Is Alive (Etiwanda)

Happy Easter! Pastor Rory Eldridge brings the good news of the risen King to our Etiwanda Campus.

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Heaven Is Alive

Happy Easter! Heaven is alive and it's living in us. Pastor Jeff Vines tells the story of what happened on Easter Sunday and why it changes our lives today.

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